Family Summer

Southern summer nights, fireflies, and the ones you love

Family photos last summer

Last fall my dad died.  While it wasn’t exactly sudden, it wasn’t expected either.  He was 70 years old.  I’m so very glad we got to spend a week of my summer last year with him.  While my dad had a will and had made his general wishes known, for the most part, the state of his affairs was not in a place that made his passing easy on my mom.  It almost never is, of course, but the issue was compounded by the hoarder gene that I inherited.  B and I made plans to return in the spring/summer (as soon as his work allowed a break) to help my mom deal with what was left.  Continue reading “Family Summer”

Carnival Glory

7 days with ports in Roatan, Belize and Cozumel

Our ship

Last fall, B and I booked a cruise with a few friends for this summer.  Deposits were cheap (on sale for $50) and B seemed less hesitant about a cruise this time around.  It was a risk, but had been too long since my last cruise, and I needed to let go of my ideal conditions.  After all, if you always wait for the right time it will never come – you have to make the best of what you already have.  Our itinerary out of New Orleans was 2 days at sea, Roatan, Belize, Cozumel and a final day at sea.  We had 34 people in our party – mostly SCAdians or related to SCAdians.  Despite some SCA drama that went down the day before embarkation, I had relatively little SCA talk on the cruise.  Continue reading “Carnival Glory”

Cruise Life

Where the ocean meets the sky, I’ll be sailing!

There’s magic in the horizon, where the ocean meets the sky

Cruising is definitely a different kind of vacation.  Cruisers will tell you that it’s the best of both worlds: the inclusiveness of a resort and the ability to see a lot of places.  You get to unpack once for multiple destinations, and eat and drink all you like.  Naysayers will tell you about being seasick, about all the surprise expenses on a cruise (and there are a lot!), and about feeling rushed in ports to meet the boat.  I find the truth to be somewhere in the middle (like most things).  Continue reading “Cruise Life”

Peer Fear: my SCA Story

and how to get through it

Social time!

The household that brought me into the SCA in college was a party household, and a non-Peer house.  The shire I started in did not have Peers.  The Royal Peers in the closest neighboring shire where quite uppity towards folks of my household.  So, I began my SCA years in an environment of learned “Peer Fear.”  We had parties that actively discouraged “hats” and everything.  Peers at these parties were definitively “slumming it” according to those in the household. Continue reading “Peer Fear: my SCA Story”

There will come a time

after the storm…

Photo by April Edwards
Walking with Good and Evil ~ photo by Kungaloosh

We are a small kingdom, with baronies only in the corners of our Kingdom.  Our Kingdom has this perception that we are family, and that means we all must genuinely get along.  It’s not just the expectation of a good working relationship, or respect for another’s skills, but an actual good friendships from all members of the kingdom.  This just isn’t possible for most humans.  Continue reading “There will come a time”


East India in all its glory

beautiful landscapes
Kaziranga National Park

What a delay in this entry!  I’ve had this entry half written since January, but alas, life got in the way.  I  was able to finish it this week though.  The entire reason for this trip was to visit the Kaziranga National Park in Assam.  This is a bucket list item for many native Indians, and my professor was no exception.  It is a national reserve for the one horned rhino and is home to a great number of tigers, though spotting one in the wild remained an elusive task. Continue reading “Kaziranga”

India: the Introduction

Tips, tricks and what to expect

The Taj Mahal

I am back on my international travel schedule!  We did end up missing a year due to it taking 18 months to sell B’s house, but we are back on track with a year end trip to India.  Shortly before we closed on B’s house, my professor sent a note to the former alumnus of the India study abroad program.   He had been trying to get the university to sponsor an alumnus trip for a few years, without any progress, and he invited his former students to travel with him and his family to a few bucket list items on his list.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, and I didn’t have to over plan, because someone else was going to do all the planning for me! Continue reading “India: the Introduction”