Introductions, please.

What I think this blog is about.

Castel Nuovo, Naples, Italy

Writing has always been that refining process for me.  I can only speak well on a subject after I’ve done lots of thinking, and more often than not, some writing on the matter.

I have a feeling this blog will be an eclectic mix of topics, the heaviest being my adventures in the Society for Creative Anachronism.  As the “path” I’m on in the SCA gets longer, I have a need for a place that I can get my opinions and thoughts into a coherent shape.  It took me a very long time to find my niche in the SCA and I have thrown myself into it.  I love everything I do for combat archery and do it because I love the community that the combat archers have built.  This is an interesting time, as I know I am being pushed in a direction I’m sure I don’t want to go, but it may be the only path for the outcome I eventually want.

I know I will write about my adventures around the world as well.  Recently, my partner and I agreed that we would officially not have children.  No more “if it happens, it happens” thinking, and for me that was a loss of choice I had been putting off my entire adult life.  Traveling to Athens solidified the decision; most of the famous sites to see did not have handicapped access and at my age, if waited until after my children have grown, I would need assistance to see the wonders of the world I want to see.  My sisters have amazing kids; they can inherit any money I don’t spend seeing the world.

I also love to learn about things that catch my interest or become relevant to my life in some way.  I’m sure some posts will be about the things I’ve read and learned.  Maybe a bit more on the academic side (with sources!) and maybe some on the kitchen side (with recipes!).

So, that’s me.  I’m not sure if I’ll be sharing this link with friends or if anyone will even read this.  I’m not using a private blog site, because I wonder if my ideas have enough merit for other like minds to stop by.



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