When you only have time for one… for now.

Almost 10 years ago.  There is, in fact, a bird on my head.

My company is merging with another company and there is a workshop to discuss the technology and tools alignment between the two companies.  My boss has asked me to attend this workshop on behalf of our organization and I couldn’t be more excited.  It doesn’t matter that I have to cancel attendance at an ANA conference or the airfare for that conference, because this is exactly the type of thing I want to be doing!   I want to be helping shape the programs and processes of the future of my organization and my company and I’m honored to be given that chance.

That being said, the workshop is an hour outside Boston, and I’ll fly in and out of Logan airport.  I saved the company some small amount of money by delaying my flight out till the afternoon after the workshop.  This means I get one evening and morning (till 3pm when I have to return my rental) in Boston.  In reality, I have to pick one thing to do and focus on it.  My partner and I have been meaning to go to Boston for a while, though he’s been for work way before we started making travel a priority.  He has not been a fan of doing things together that I have done in the past, out of a desire to experience new things together.

So I am torn between a museum that we both enjoy and would both go back to when we get to go to Boston together, or a zoo, which I know he hates and will not want to see, but I would love.  Museums generally have rotating exhibitions that could mean new experiences for me if and when I return to it, and I’d choose the Harvard Natural History collections, which could have good source books for the SCA (or good used bookstores in the area).  If I went to the zoo now, which I hear is a great zoo!, I wouldn’t have to pester him to go back to the zoo when we get to visit together.  Even good zoos, something will always trigger his sadness about captive animals.  I see his point of view, but I also believe that zoos help keep animal conservation alive, and I love to spend time actually watching the animals.

My back-up plan, in case I don’t have enough spoons to sight-see on my own is the Freedom Trail and soaking in the general culture of the city.  Touristy, I know, but low key and right next to the airport.  I’m sure this would be something that J and I would do in a tandem trip, and I don’t think it would impact either of our enjoyment if it had been done before.  In fact, we have a layover in London upcoming and have a trip to the Tower of London planned, along with a similar sight-seeing walk planned.


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