Boston: I’ll be back

Just a taste, but enough to begin plans for a real trip.

Freedom Trail in Boston – where old meets new.

Sadly, I did not get much time to spend in Boston proper.  This will be a quick update since I only ended up with about 2 hours to explore on my own.  I am looking forward to a return trip, though and plan to spend time in both Boston proper and some greater New England sights.

Boston was lovely and the business part of the trip was fantastic.  After a snafu about getting on the toll road tunnel from the airport, the traffic was lighter than expected for Marathon Day.  I’ve got no clue how the notice of violation will turn into a ticket in a rental car, but I can deal with that when it happens.  My basic research says I can protest the ticket and have the fees waived since I am a first time tourist, as long as I pay the toll.

The work part of the workshop was good.  My current work duties won’t be impacted, and I have a feeling I was there to make sure of that fact.  I was able to meet with colleagues face-to-face that I have been peripherally working with for the last six months or so, so the networking was amazing.  I was also able to flex some project management skills and lead the team to high level planning since I wasn’t directly impacted and could keep a higher level outlook.   At the end of the day, I was thanked for the leadership by my team.  🙂

I spent the last evening having dinner with friends in the area.  We went to an Irish pub, where I had a delightful twist on Shepard’s Pie, called Fisherman’s Pie.  It was seafood instead of ground beef, chowder sauce instead of brown gravy and topped with white cheese instead of cheddar.  Heavenly!  We discussed the things we could plan for with a longer trip to the area, too.

Last minute meetings that I had to take from my hotel room cut short my museum or zoo choice, but I did get to see about a third of the Freedom Trail.  From there, I had snacks at an Italian bakery (cheese, olives and mushrooms) and walked back through the downtown locks to pick up my car.  Unfortunately, it did take me an hour to get to the right tunnel to get to the airport.  The total trip should have been less than 10 miles.  Driving in downtown was an adventure and I’m just glad I had time to spare for my plane.

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