2016 sucked

And it was the Cubs’ fault


I’ve had this head cannon rolling around in my brain for a bit now, but haven’t had the time to get it into words.  The Chicago Cubs had not won a World Series in 108 years and many believe it was due to a curse placed on them by a man with a goat who was kicked out of a game.  There have been a lot of cute supernatural short stories written over the years about breaking the curse of the Billy Goat.  The two most memorable ones are “Curses” by Jim Butcher (short story from the Dresden Files) and “A Girl, a Goat and a Zombie” by Laurell K. Hamilton (short story from the Anita Blake series).  The former explores the natural ways the cure will break down, while the latter explores the required amount of energy breaking the curse would entail.  While I don’t follow the Anita Blake series with any regularity any longer (the novels got to be just too much), that idea of energy work sparked something to knocking about in my head.

Every act of magic requires energy.  When doing spell work, you draw that energy from candles, herbs, stones or just raise it from yourself in your circle.  Most likely all could be needed depending on what you are trying to accomplish.  While I have never intentionally cursed anything (nor unintentionally that I know of), I see them as the release of a lot of pent up energy (typically anger) that has been building for a long time.  I have done spell work that is self feeding, however.  For instance, I have a protection charm in my car that renews its energy form the movement of air flow around the car.  Similarly, the Billy Goat curse has been renewed but the sheer belief in the curse itself.  As people begin to wish for the curse to break, it becomes weaker.

Magic will also naturally balance itself.  Many times, in very different and unintended ways.  Karma in spell work is seen as the rule of threes: what you send out comes back threefold.  Even the best of intentions can have negative reactions though, and a lot of soul searching is required before you release energy with a purpose.  I haven’t done a spell to achieve a specific goal in quite a long time and more often I leave the outcome up to the Gods.  As I grow older, I find most of my spell work is more akin to a prayer.  It looks something like this:  Light a candle on the alter. Visualize the recipient surrounded in the energy from the spell (green for healing, pink for love, etc.) – a little energy from me and the candle itself.  Ask the Gods to best handle the situation.  This way the balance is built into the energy itself.

Breaking the Billy Goat curse, even in the weakened state discussed above, would require a tremendous amount of energy.  It’s lasted for over 100 years, after all.  It would be nearly impossible to raise that amount of positive energy.  Think about the amount of grief that has occurred nationwide this year: deaths of popular icons (David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince) and tragedies (Orlando, Black Lives Matter, Dallas police shootings).  Think about the level of anger we have in the country (Tea Party, Standing Rock); on both sides it’s polarizing.  Think about the fear that is ruling both sides of the political divide; both the fear that won Trump the election and the fear of what that means now.  There isnt enough love, but there is enough energy that could be harnessed…

All of the grief and anger and fear in 2016 was enough energy to break the curse, and at the same time the result of setting the balance of energy back in place.   Intentionally or not, all of this energy was the harnessed to break the curse.  The one bright spot in the nation, even for non-baseball fans, was the Cubs winning the world series and breaking the 108 losing streak.  The ripples have been and will be felt for a while.


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