It’s not just about the mother’s life – it’s also about dignity

Medical decisions should be between a woman, her doctor, and her God.


Let me tell you my story, cause it was this week 15 years ago* that I miscarried.  I was 11.5 weeks pregnant and hadn’t seen a doctor, not because I wasn’t educated or because I didn’t care (my ex and I had been trying to conceive) but because I didn’t get an appointment until *the end* of my first trimester.   Continue reading “It’s not just about the mother’s life – it’s also about dignity”

My Peerage Path

Winding my way though the SCA

The oldest photo of me in the SCA

Everything about my “path” in the SCA has been a bit meandering.   Even in life, while I am a very driven person, I typically don’t have a plan of where it *is* exactly that I am going.  A friend in college introduced the SCA to me as a place to dress up, feel pretty and get laid.  I hadn’t wrapped my head around sexual freedom as a freshman in college, so I passed.  A few years later, my new fiance got hooked on the fighting aspect, and we became members.   Continue reading “My Peerage Path”

I missed the anniversary of my sister’s death

Or why I am a horrible person.

Maybe it was because Thanksgiving was so early this year and there was an entire week between it and December, but December snuck up on me.  In reality it’s because as good as a memory as I have for specific events (who, what, where, how), I am crap at remembering dates (when).  Continue reading “I missed the anniversary of my sister’s death”

A woman of a certain age

“I was sabotaged by my baby box” ~Jess from the TV series “New Girl”

The catalyst for my desire to travel more was when B approached me about getting a vasectomy.  I’ve talked about this decision in drips and drabs, but the bulk of it is mildly relevant to this story and my state of mind.  Warning:  Anyone who is squicked out by female heath issues (IUDs and periods), don’t read further.  If you want to know more about the IUD process, women’s personality archetypes and a bit about my sisters, let’s go.    Continue reading “A woman of a certain age”

Combat Archery: Southern Spy

What I learned at Pennsic

Kungaloosh Photography

OK, I really wasn’t a spy, since I was very open about being the DEM for Gleann Abhann.  When I announced on Facebook that I was attending my first Pennsic War, one of the first requests from a fellow combat archer was to watch and report back how “it’s done” to our section of the Known World.  I was able to spend a large majority of Sunday at inspection point both getting my bolts inspected for the next day’s battle and take the orientation inspection class offered by Master Erikson to see the ammo box of horrors.   Continue reading “Combat Archery: Southern Spy”

Woo! Pennsic Baby!

The tale of a Pennsic virgin

Gleann Abhann abroad: Pennsic 46 royal encampment (Kungalush photography)

I have lived in three of the four Kingdoms of the Known World that are principles of Gulf Wars.  I began in the SCA when Gleann Abhann was a principality of Meridies, and returned almost 6 years ago after Gleann Abhann had become a kingdom.  Thus, my large war experiences will always be compared to the annual war hosted on her lands. Continue reading “Woo! Pennsic Baby!”

The Pennsic Club

A road trip with James the Holy

Kungaloosh Photography

The sun is setting and we are underway on what some might say is A Great Adventure. I’m not sure of this trek or how it will go but one thing is sure this is at its heart A John Hughes movie and only time will tell if John Bellringer or Ali is Molly Ringwald. Continue reading “The Pennsic Club”