Ireland count down!

Can you really ever be over prepared?


This is my partner’s first international trip and I think I may have over planned a bit.  You see, I have mild agoraphobia.  Contrary to popular opinion, this is not the opposite of claustrophobia; it’s not the fear of open spaces.  It’s actually the fear of being trapped or in a situation of helplessness.  A number of people with severe cases of agoraphobia never leave their homes, since this is the only location they actually feel safe.   Continue reading “Ireland count down!”

A peer by any other name?

Peerage for archery in the SCA, or incorporated into existing Peerages?

Photo by the talented Tullus Herborgsson

When we introduce a new member to the society and they ask what it is that we do, the answer is framed by those we hold as examples of the Dream – that is by the peerage paths. Continue reading “A peer by any other name?”

A storm is coming

A cautionary tale of vulnerable situations .

The meeting of the tree and the house went disastrously.

Actually, the storm already came.  Pun not originally intended, but it did blow its wad early, and I’m left with the same feeling of imposition that I get with cum all over my face. Continue reading “A storm is coming”

Amazon – the truly global marketplace

Sending a book to Germany – the easy way (via the hard ways).

A few weeks ago, I volunteered to participate in a global book swap on Facebook.  It was one of those pyramid things, were you sent a book to the person 2 steps ahead of you, and the people 2 steps behind you will send you books. Continue reading “Amazon – the truly global marketplace”

Boston: I’ll be back

Just a taste, but enough to begin plans for a real trip.

Freedom Trail in Boston – where old meets new.

Sadly, I did not get much time to spend in Boston proper.  This will be a quick update since I only ended up with about 2 hours to explore on my own.  I am looking forward to a return trip, though and plan to spend time in both Boston proper and some greater New England sights.

Continue reading “Boston: I’ll be back”


When you only have time for one… for now.

Almost 10 years ago.  There is, in fact, a bird on my head.

My company is merging with another company and there is a workshop to discuss the technology and tools alignment between the two companies.  My boss has asked me to attend this workshop on behalf of our organization and I couldn’t be more excited. Continue reading “Boston!”

LARP? Reenactment? Or something else…

How different and alike the SCA actually is.

Monkey and Margot.jpg
Knight and Consort in Crown Tournament

“The Middle Ages – as they should have been.”  This refrain is what you will hear a great many members say when explaining the Society for Creative Anachronism.  This organization began as a costume party based on Arthurian ideals and romanticism.  To be more specific, the game I play is based on the modern ideals and romanticism of the medieval time period.   Continue reading “LARP? Reenactment? Or something else…”