My Peerage Path

Winding my way though the SCA

The oldest photo of me in the SCA

Everything about my “path” in the SCA has been a bit meandering.   Even in life, while I am a very driven person, I typically don’t have a plan of where it *is* exactly that I am going.  A friend in college introduced the SCA to me as a place to dress up, feel pretty and get laid.  I hadn’t wrapped my head around sexual freedom as a freshman in college, so I passed.  A few years later, my new fiance got hooked on the fighting aspect, and we became members.   Continue reading “My Peerage Path”

A peer by any other name?

Peerage for archery in the SCA, or incorporated into existing Peerages?

Photo by the talented Tullus Herborgsson

When we introduce a new member to the society and they ask what it is that we do, the answer is framed by those we hold as examples of the Dream – that is by the peerage paths. Continue reading “A peer by any other name?”