I missed the anniversary of my sister’s death

Or why I am a horrible person.


Maybe it was because Thanksgiving was so early this year and there was an entire week between it and December, but December snuck up on me.  In reality it’s because as good as a memory as I have for specific events (who, what, where, how), I am crap at remembering dates (when).  Continue reading “I missed the anniversary of my sister’s death”

Whats in a name?

Your name is only the first chapter of your story.

Last entry, I mentioned that I had a personal goal to average one post a week.  While I may not post an entry every physical week, I want the cumulative average to be 52 entries a year.  When I have a lot to say (like my vacation wrap up), I can post many entries in a week.  Sadly, when I’m in a slump, I don’t post for weeks on end.  I enjoy writing, though.  Its one of the few creative outlets that I feel confidant in my skills.  So, in many ways it’s stress relief, and like I’ve mentioned before, it helps me solidify my thoughts.   Continue reading “Whats in a name?”