Aftermath of the storm

Negotiating with insurance and a contractor.

The red arrow indicates approximately where the tree fell.

As promised, an update from the storm that felled a pine tree on our house.  One of the reasons it was such a long update from our Ireland part 1 and the other entries is that we had roofers here for a few days repairing the damage in the attic and replacing the roof.  Yes, it took almost 6 weeks after the tree fell to get the basic repairs done.   Continue reading “Aftermath of the storm”

A storm is coming

A cautionary tale of vulnerable situations .

The meeting of the tree and the house went disastrously.

Actually, the storm already came.  Pun not originally intended, but it did blow its wad early, and I’m left with the same feeling of imposition that I get with cum all over my face. Continue reading “A storm is coming”