LARP? Reenactment? Or something else…

How different and alike the SCA actually is.

Monkey and Margot.jpg
Knight and Consort in Crown Tournament

“The Middle Ages – as they should have been.”  This refrain is what you will hear a great many members say when explaining the Society for Creative Anachronism.  This organization began as a costume party based on Arthurian ideals and romanticism.  To be more specific, the game I play is based on the modern ideals and romanticism of the medieval time period.   Continue reading “LARP? Reenactment? Or something else…”

Introductions, please.

What I think this blog is about.

Castel Nuovo, Naples, Italy

Writing has always been that refining process for me.  I can only speak well on a subject after I’ve done lots of thinking, and more often than not, some writing on the matter.

Continue reading “Introductions, please.”