Dublin city center

A lot of history in Dublin (not just a distillery and a brewery…)

Statue of Molly Malone, the tart with the cart, anthem of Dublin.

Part 3 of our trip wrap-up, again written with the help of B, like the previous Ancient East and Boyne River entries.  To be honest, the city was mostly me taking the lead and B nursing his sore feet and grumbling at the pace of the agenda.  I did learn that I was too way ambitious in the agenda overall, and will scale it back in the future.  B hopefully learned that I need more input from him on the agenda. Continue reading “Dublin city center”

Co. Meath and the Boyne Valley

A day of Boyne Valley history.

Boyne river valley

Part 2 of our trip wrap-up, again written with the help of B, but to be honest he was a bit worn out by my agenda by this time.  So, after exploring the Ancient East*, we traveled to Co. Meath. Continue reading “Co. Meath and the Boyne Valley”

Outside Dublin: East Ireland

I over-planned and didn’t plan enough at the same time…

Tintern Abbey, Co. Wexford, Ireland

I am in full on post-vacation crash, as is B, and it’s a week after we’ve returned!  I figure it’s time for the updates to put me in a better mood.  B gave me his notes to include in this blog, as well, so this post is co-written.  So here’s the good and the bad, but it was mostly good.  🙂

Continue reading “Outside Dublin: East Ireland”

Ireland count down!

Can you really ever be over prepared?

This is my partner’s first international trip and I think I may have over planned a bit.  You see, I have mild agoraphobia.  Contrary to popular opinion, this is not the opposite of claustrophobia; it’s not the fear of open spaces.  It’s actually the fear of being trapped or in a situation of helplessness.  A number of people with severe cases of agoraphobia never leave their homes, since this is the only location they actually feel safe.   Continue reading “Ireland count down!”