My Travel History

Oh the places I’ve been…

My world map – with pins for my travels.

One of the topics that lead to the name of my blog was travel.  I love to travel, both as a tourist to see the magnificent things that others before me have seen and to learn and experience the culture of people different from myself.  To me, this is the two sides of the “worldly” coin – both experiencing the sights and learning the culture.  The final Life Story blog prompt asks me to talk about the places I have traveled outside my home country, so this is a perfect topic for this blog. Continue reading “My Travel History”

Our London layover

So many parentheticals in this entry (and tips on award travel).

Tower Bridge from the Tower of London.  

Last year, my BFF and I went to Athens.  When we originally discussed the trip, I asked to add Istanbul to the itinerary due to my interest in medieval Turkish culture.  While this ultimately didn’t happen (we ended up going to Rome for my BFF’s first international travel comfort), the original plan had a long layover in London on the return trip.  Luckily, B and I were able to get that long layover on the way to Ireland.   Continue reading “Our London layover”