Woo! Pennsic Baby!

The tale of a Pennsic virgin

Gleann Abhann abroad: Pennsic 46 royal encampment (Kungalush photography)

I have lived in three of the four Kingdoms of the Known World that are principles of Gulf Wars.  I began in the SCA when Gleann Abhann was a principality of Meridies, and returned almost 6 years ago after Gleann Abhann had become a kingdom.  Thus, my large war experiences will always be compared to the annual war hosted on her lands. Continue reading “Woo! Pennsic Baby!”

The Pennsic Club

A road trip with James the Holy

Kungaloosh Photography

The sun is setting and we are underway on what some might say is A Great Adventure. I’m not sure of this trek or how it will go but one thing is sure this is at its heart A John Hughes movie and only time will tell if John Bellringer or Ali is Molly Ringwald. Continue reading “The Pennsic Club”

Outside Dublin: East Ireland

I over-planned and didn’t plan enough at the same time…

Tintern Abbey, Co. Wexford, Ireland

I am in full on post-vacation crash, as is B, and it’s a week after we’ve returned!  I figure it’s time for the updates to put me in a better mood.  B gave me his notes to include in this blog, as well, so this post is co-written.  So here’s the good and the bad, but it was mostly good.  🙂

Continue reading “Outside Dublin: East Ireland”