My Travel History

Oh the places I’ve been…

My world map – with pins for my travels.

One of the topics that lead to the name of my blog was travel.  I love to travel, both as a tourist to see the magnificent things that others before me have seen and to learn and experience the culture of people different from myself.  To me, this is the two sides of the “worldly” coin – both experiencing the sights and learning the culture.  The final Life Story blog prompt asks me to talk about the places I have traveled outside my home country, so this is a perfect topic for this blog. Continue reading “My Travel History”

Our London layover

So many parentheticals in this entry (and tips on award travel).

Tower Bridge from the Tower of London.  

Last year, my BFF and I went to Athens.  When we originally discussed the trip, I asked to add Istanbul to the itinerary due to my interest in medieval Turkish culture.  While this ultimately didn’t happen (we ended up going to Rome for my BFF’s first international travel comfort), the original plan had a long layover in London on the return trip.  Luckily, B and I were able to get that long layover on the way to Ireland.   Continue reading “Our London layover”

Dublin city center

A lot of history in Dublin (not just a distillery and a brewery…)

Statue of Molly Malone, the tart with the cart, anthem of Dublin.

Part 3 of our trip wrap-up, again written with the help of B, like the previous Ancient East and Boyne River entries.  To be honest, the city was mostly me taking the lead and B nursing his sore feet and grumbling at the pace of the agenda.  I did learn that I was too way ambitious in the agenda overall, and will scale it back in the future.  B hopefully learned that I need more input from him on the agenda. Continue reading “Dublin city center”

Co. Meath and the Boyne Valley

A day of Boyne Valley history.

Boyne river valley

Part 2 of our trip wrap-up, again written with the help of B, but to be honest he was a bit worn out by my agenda by this time.  So, after exploring the Ancient East*, we traveled to Co. Meath. Continue reading “Co. Meath and the Boyne Valley”

Outside Dublin: East Ireland

I over-planned and didn’t plan enough at the same time…

Tintern Abbey, Co. Wexford, Ireland

I am in full on post-vacation crash, as is B, and it’s a week after we’ve returned!  I figure it’s time for the updates to put me in a better mood.  B gave me his notes to include in this blog, as well, so this post is co-written.  So here’s the good and the bad, but it was mostly good.  🙂

Continue reading “Outside Dublin: East Ireland”

Ireland count down!

Can you really ever be over prepared?

This is my partner’s first international trip and I think I may have over planned a bit.  You see, I have mild agoraphobia.  Contrary to popular opinion, this is not the opposite of claustrophobia; it’s not the fear of open spaces.  It’s actually the fear of being trapped or in a situation of helplessness.  A number of people with severe cases of agoraphobia never leave their homes, since this is the only location they actually feel safe.   Continue reading “Ireland count down!”

Boston: I’ll be back

Just a taste, but enough to begin plans for a real trip.

Freedom Trail in Boston – where old meets new.

Sadly, I did not get much time to spend in Boston proper.  This will be a quick update since I only ended up with about 2 hours to explore on my own.  I am looking forward to a return trip, though and plan to spend time in both Boston proper and some greater New England sights.

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