My Travel History

Oh the places I’ve been…

My world map – with pins for my travels.

One of the topics that lead to the name of my blog was travel.  I love to travel, both as a tourist to see the magnificent things that others before me have seen and to learn and experience the culture of people different from myself.  To me, this is the two sides of the “worldly” coin – both experiencing the sights and learning the culture.  The final Life Story blog prompt asks me to talk about the places I have traveled outside my home country, so this is a perfect topic for this blog. Continue reading “My Travel History”

The cures for ennui, part 2

Making adult decisions is hard sometimes.

I had already planned to chat about my current job and my ennui related to it, and interestingly enough, a few articles showed up on my Facebook feed.  The first was from The Oatmeal about being unhappy.  That lead to a WSJ article about the same thing, in prose format.  I’m not someone who would be described as a happy person.  I have resting bitch face (it keeps you pretty!) and a general pessimistic outlook on life.   Continue reading “The cures for ennui, part 2”

Whats in a name?

Your name is only the first chapter of your story.

Last entry, I mentioned that I had a personal goal to average one post a week.  While I may not post an entry every physical week, I want the cumulative average to be 52 entries a year.  When I have a lot to say (like my vacation wrap up), I can post many entries in a week.  Sadly, when I’m in a slump, I don’t post for weeks on end.  I enjoy writing, though.  Its one of the few creative outlets that I feel confidant in my skills.  So, in many ways it’s stress relief, and like I’ve mentioned before, it helps me solidify my thoughts.   Continue reading “Whats in a name?”

The cures for ennui, part 1

Most of them are life changing, and sometimes expensive…

It’s been right at four weeks since my last post, which puts me way behind on my once a week average posting schedule.  I was increasingly suffering from ennui – my current job and living situation being the primary causes and I just haven’t had the desire to write recently.  I have been exploring other avenues to alleviate my boredom, and while I am still somewhat displaced, at least I have some topics for this blog. Continue reading “The cures for ennui, part 1”

Pickled Okra

A basic garlic pickle recipe.

Around 2 years ago, B pointed out a Dilly Bean recipe in on of his old-timey magazines.  He wanted to know if I thought I could make them for him.  It didn’t look to hard, and I wanted to get more into canning things, so I said yes.   Continue reading “Pickled Okra”

PokeGrind: tips for gyms

How to be the very best, like no one ever was.

PoGo fight.jpg

Continuing the tips on how to maximize Pokemon Go without spending any money, part one was items and PokeStops.  Once you hit level 5, you can enter the gyms and begin earning PokeCoins.  The first thing you will do is choose a team.  PoGo is a social game by nature, and your chances of doing well at gyms are heightened if you have a few friends that will play with you. Continue reading “PokeGrind: tips for gyms”

PokeGrind: tips for items

Maximizing PokeStops

The Capitol Building

After I published my last post, one of the friends I mentioned that regularly goes on PokeGrinds* with us, hereafter named H, observed that one didn’t have to spend money if they were very dedicated.  So, I’ll review the ways to we brainstormed to maximize the game without buying PokeCoins.   Continue reading “PokeGrind: tips for items”